Trenchless Technology Center

SAULT: Selection Assistant for Utility Locating Technologies

Case # Location Year Title
Trumbull, CT2007Demolishing of old Macy’s building
Costa Mesa, CA2007Road improvement construction
Cheyenne, WY2007Installation of two new pipelines
Cheyenne, WY2007Digging of a sign post
Ghent, WV2007Leak repair near propane tank behind a gas station
Rio Rancho, NM2007Widening of an existing roadway
San Rafael, CA2007Installation of a new guardrail along the roadway
Hawthorne, NY2007Replacement of a utility pole along a roadway
Nogales, AZ2007Replacement of a sewer line
Gainesville, FL2007Unspecified construction activity
South Fort Meyers, FL2006Unspecified construction activity
Jacksonville, FL2007Installation of a new, deep phone line
Bridgeport, AL1999Digging of a trench
Pensacola, FL-Drainage improvement project
St. Paul, MN2000Construction activity in suburban St. Paul
Newark, NJ2005Construction of new garage at the Newark International Airport
Edison, NJ1994TX Eastern Transmission Corp Natural Gas Pipeline Explosion
Chicago, IL1992Bridge construction (The Great Chicago Flood)
Buffalo, NY1996Installation of a fiber optic cable
Walnut, CA2004Installation of a new water pipeline
Walnut, CA2006Installation of communication lines
Puyallup, WA2006Repair of leaking gas line in the road
Searchy, AR2005Road construction project
Macon, GA2005Road widening project
Topeka, KS2005Road construction
Gloucester, MA2005Unspecified construction activity
Hampton, NH2005Sewer construction and road resurfacing project
Middletown, NJ2005Soil sampling for environmental monitoring program
Yonkers, NY2005Construction activity involving a utility relocating
Houston, TX2005Construction activity at major downtown intersection
Asheville, NC2005Unspecified construction activity
Chico, CA2005Unspecified construction activity
Toledo, OH2004Construction activity (emergency repair)
Eurora, Australia2005Unspecified construction activity
Trois- Rivers, Canada2005Unspecified construction activity
Coquitlam, BC Canada2007Road improvement project
Moose Jaw Saskatchewan, Canada2007Unspecified construction activity
Darlington, UK2007Unspecified construction activity
Annapolis, MD2007Installation of a new waterline
Portsmouth, NH2007Unspecified construction activity
Cherry Hill, NJ2007Soil testing near a gas station
Wycoff, NJ2007Installation of a new water pipe
Rensselaer, NY2007Unspecified construction activity
Akron, OH2007Unspecified construction activity
Columbus, OH2007Unspecified construction activity
Cleburne, TX2007Unspecified construction activity
Salt Lake City, UT2007Light rail extension project
EL Paso, TX2007Installation of sewer line beneath Interstate 10
Jonesboro, GA2007Road widening project
Boise, ID2007Highway improvement project
San Francisco, CA2007Removal of an old gas main
Woodland, CA2007Construction activity
Lawrenceville, GA2007Installation of a utility pole
Gorham, ME2007Road project
Reno, NV2007Unspecified construction activity
Syracuse, NY2007Unspecified construction activity
Norman, OK2007Street reconstruction project
Pittsburgh, PA2007Electrical work at Point State park
De Soto, TX2007Street improvement project
Half Moon Bay, CA2007Landscape construction