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SAULT: Selection Assistant for Utility Locating Technologies

What is SAULT?

SAULT (Selection Assistant for Utility Locating Technologies) is an online software application that helps the users to navigate through various classes of available utility locating technologies and to choose the appropriate technologies based on site conditions and characteristics of specific target utilities, thus helping them to meet the overall goals of an investigation.

The focus of SAULT is on:

1. Selecting geophysical technologies for the detection and imaging of underground utilities, and

2. Selecting processes, procedures, and techniques used by field technicians in collecting geophysical data.

SAULT does not make recommendations for choosing specific equipment not only because there is little independent information on the performance of specific equipment under controlled conditions but also the equipment performance can be affected by site conditions that are often unknown at the time the equipment is selected.

1. Other sources of information regarding utility location, such as visual observation and existing records
2. Utility coordination processes among utilities and transportation agencies
3 .One-call system
4 .Means and methods of transferring data from the instrumentation to the data users
5 .Integration and validation of data sources
6 .Formatting and display of data to the data users
7 .Retention of data and recordkeeping practices for the data

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